Have you ever noticed those little red clearance tags on items? Well here’s a little insight into how to read them. Keep in mind if a product has these on them they are price as marked. For example, you do not get additional savings if the endcap they are located on is marked with a 30% off sign. (Except maybe if there is a Cartwheel offer!)

Have you ever noticed that little number in the top right corner? That number actually represents a percentage off. Usually ranging from 15%-70% off. From what I have observed every product is different and they don’t always follow the same pattern. For example, something may go down every week or every two weeks, and not all products will reach the same percentage off before leaving the store forever.

If there isn’t a sticker then it’s probably not a normal clearance item. It might be a repackage, online, or as is item. Then there’s the possibility that it’s also a seasonal item which doesn’t always require a red sticker. I’m talking about the items that everyone flocks to the store for the after holiday savings(Xmas, Halloween, Easter, etc).

Look for those higher numbers to maximize your savings and get the best BANG for your buck!