Well it’s almost here folks! With April 9th being just around the corner,  Target not only has released the commercial promoting the collaboration, but also the look book! (With what I’m assuming is the whole collection)

My first impression – definitely Beckham. A taste of high end fashion for us little people.  Spring patterns focused around a few floral prints,  a pop of Marigold, and some bees! 

I don’t foresee this collection doing much better than Merimekko did last year. Merimekko had an edge  up with it’s collection, as it also included beach/patio/decor items. 

The Press Release: Here.

The Commercial: Here.

***Take note of the song choice for the commercial!

Shop the collection: Here.

These are my favorite pieces, as well as their prices.  The best part is, they are pretty affordable, IMHO. They also will pair well with a more casual skinny jean look!🖒🤗😉