Style – what’s trending now in the fashion world.

My favorite kind of style is obviously – #TargetStyle.

Target keeps the trends hot and the new products flowing. One of my most recent favorites is the WhoWhatWear Spring collection! Check out the press release and photo gallery here. Different pieces of the collection will launch in February, March, and April. Some pieces are also exclusives, so if you don’t see what you want check back again next month!

For the average person finding affordable fashion can be hard to do. However, Target makes it easy to look and feel the way you want with plethora of styles at affordable prices.  Let me introduce you to all of the fabulous brands in the Ready To Wear department.

They have their Xhilaration and Moss Supply Co. brands aimed towards the awkward middle stages of teen-young adults…and then some IMHO. These styles are constantly changing to match current trends. They are filled with bright colors, cutouts, lace, and everything in between.  (Did you see those corduroy overalls?!)


They also have the Merona Brand, my personal favorite, that is a very casual and not overly exuberant line, like the previous two when it comes to color scheme and flirty cuts. I think it’s my favorite because whether I am going grocery shopping or out for a drink with co-workers, Merona always lives up to making me feel like I’m never over or underdressed. They offer enough different styles within the brand to tone it up or down.Pro-tip: a blazer can make all the difference.


Then there is the Moss Black brand. Silky, sheer, and chic. My second favorite – mostly due to the soft fabrics and color schemes. Another big win for Moss Black is the way it fits. I am no size 0, size 8 to be exact, and I even have a little extra baggage around my waist. However, the way some of the shirts lay are very flattering and I am always recommending this brand to people that have a business meeting or just want to step it up a notch.

knox rose.JPG

Knox Rose is one of Target’s more recent Brands – This brand offers up some of the most stylish pieces of hippy-ness you could ever hope to own while still looking like you have your sh*t together. It’s flowy earthy styles will get you wanting to do a photo shoot in the middle of a field of wild flowers. I own quite a few pieces of Knox Rose most of which have some kind of flower embroidery somewhere TBH! Bring on the Black-eyed Susans and flower headdress!