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Well it’s almost here folks! With April 9th being just around the corner,  Target not only has released the commercial promoting the collaboration, but also the look book! (With what I’m assuming is the whole collection)

My first impression – definitely Beckham. A taste of high end fashion for us little people.  Spring patterns focused around a few floral prints,  a pop of Marigold, and some bees! 

I don’t foresee this collection doing much better than Merimekko did last year. Merimekko had an edge  up with it’s collection, as it also included beach/patio/decor items. 

The Press Release: Here.

The Commercial: Here.

***Take note of the song choice for the commercial!

Shop the collection: Here.

These are my favorite pieces, as well as their prices.  The best part is, they are pretty affordable, IMHO. They also will pair well with a more casual skinny jean look!🖒🤗😉


Beauty and the Beast @ Target

I know plenty of us are excited for the upcoming live action Beauty and the Beast movie on March 17th, but we are even more excited to relive the magic with our kids in tow! (It’s for them right?) Regardless, Target has a few Beauty pieces for your girls!

They have the Beauty and the Beast apparel collection for girls and toddlers. Can you say twinsies?! Inspired by Jaqueline Durran, these pieces will ignite the envy in you.

The Girls:

Then there is this gem! Probably my favorite piece from the whole collection!!


The Toddlers:

Also, don’t forget to pick up the Target exclusive Pop Figure, Belle! Target exclusives never last long- now is the time to get her!

Belle Pop Figure
Belle Pop Figure

Cat & Jack

Target really hit the ground running this year with their Cat & Jack launch. This by kids for kids brand really does allow kids to express themselves the way they want.
This brand was released just before the new school year and man was it a hit with kids and their parents! It boasted a one year guarantee, more durable fabrics, and reinforced elbows and knees!

It’s predecessors, Circo and Cherokee, had run their course and Target was definitely in need of a revamp of their kid’s apparel.

Target, staying in line with the by kids for kids ideology, have since launched Art Class. A new brand that I will highlight in a future post!

Oh Joy! Pet Collection

For all of you animal lovers out there that love pampering and spoiling your dog, all while doing it in style, boy have I got some news for you!

Target announced back in February how there will be an Oh Joy! collection for your little furbabies. Here’s the press release.

Here’s a few of my favorites from the collection!

Don’t forget to check out the other Oh Joy! collections that you might not see in stores!

Find them here!

#TargetStyle – Up and Coming!

Did you know that Target usually pairs with a new designer EVERY year? Last Year was Merimekko, and can I just say what a hit it was – especially when you are taking prints from the 70’s! Or the Lily Pulitzer fiasco? That was cray ladies.

Well this year Target has announced that this years Spring collaboration will be with none other than the fabulous VICTORIA BECKHAM!

#BeckhamForTarget #VictoriaBeckhamForTarget

Here’s a link to Target’s press release on the matter!

See Cosmo get excited here –


Have you ever noticed those little red clearance tags on items? Well here’s a little insight into how to read them. Keep in mind if a product has these on them they are price as marked. For example, you do not get additional savings if the endcap they are located on is marked with a 30% off sign. (Except maybe if there is a Cartwheel offer!)

Have you ever noticed that little number in the top right corner? That number actually represents a percentage off. Usually ranging from 15%-70% off. From what I have observed every product is different and they don’t always follow the same pattern. For example, something may go down every week or every two weeks, and not all products will reach the same percentage off before leaving the store forever.

If there isn’t a sticker then it’s probably not a normal clearance item. It might be a repackage, online, or as is item. Then there’s the possibility that it’s also a seasonal item which doesn’t always require a red sticker. I’m talking about the items that everyone flocks to the store for the after holiday savings(Xmas, Halloween, Easter, etc).

Look for those higher numbers to maximize your savings and get the best BANG for your buck!


Let me just start by saying that this little app packs a TON of savings for all of you Target lovers out there. This app is updated weekly with new deals and usually offer some pretty big savings right around the holidays and sometimes just for no reason other than your weekend #TargetRun. Did you see those Superbowl savings?!

Not only that but Cartwheel also now has those “text to get” deals right on your checkout page! Just scan them along with your Cartwheel Barcode at checkout to redeem. 

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