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Hunter for Target, #firstworldproblems

Target announced this morning that the very HIGHLY anticipated HunterxTarget tall women rainboots will not be sold afterall. They have been pulled from the site, and a new disclaimer posted at the bottom.

Read the story here.

I, along with the rest of the world, was one of the people up in the wee hours of the morning waiting specifically for those rain boots. I have a variety of other things I was also looking forward to that I did get, or decided if they were available at a decent hour I would purchase. (They weren’t, my loss)

Here’s my pick list:


Insta: judeiiolyer

So yeah, I’m pretty disappointed in the fact that the one thing that we were all ready to swipe will not be available.  However, I will not take to social media to demand that Target provide the boots to me like an entitled asshole. You spent $0, and if you did manage to be one of the select few who got their hands on a junked up pair, well good thing Target offers full refunds. Carry On.

Twitter Probs:

The Timing:

I think the world forgot the way time zones work. If Target releases something at midnight, that means the time will differ for different areas. Most things debut at 3am in NY, meaning they would be using Pacific times, which makes sense for most of the US for a 4.14.18 12am release. Sorry Hawaii and Alaska.

The Availability:

Target has been doing design collabs since 1999, and every time they have put out information on where the product will be available. Specifically for HunterxTarget, they said online and select stores. This does not mean all stores. You could click in and find the stores that would be offering it ahead of time. This is what I call selective reading, if retail has taught us anything, it’s to read the fine print.

The Quality:

This is where Target and Hunter made a mistake. The production was obviously flawed, and that will happen. I’m just surprised they took to the night before the release to address it. Product should have been checked for QA by both Hunter and Target before being sent out to stores. These boots made it into customer’s hands because of this.

I have a little beef with Hunter though in how they are addressing the public’s concern for the quality. Their response to some of their twitter followers is

“Hi there, Target won’t sell Hunter Original boots. Our boots are handcrafted from natural rubber following an intricate process. The ones designed in partnership with Target are not produced the same traditional way. We hope that helps”

Maybe it’s just me, but if you’re going to put your name out into the retail following that Target has, you should stand behind your product. Again, personal opinion, I’m not asking for the same boot they offer at a different price, but that’s YOUR brand name that will take a hit when it comes to the cheap-chic version.

Hunter does say that it’s solely a design partnership, but if I were running a business and lent out my designs to be put into the world, I would have a team checking for QA on the manufacturing so as not to taint my reputation.

Again, all personal opinions…

Time to move on from it, the twitter posts of some people are an appalling sight to see. Return the damn things, get a full refund, and spend it on a pint of ice cream to cry into.

But so long and farewell HunterxTarget. Onto the next.


P.s. The products I did receive, a packable poncho, some drink koozies, a baseball cap, and a bag are of great quality –



One more reason to shop Red over Blue.

So recently I discovered another huge PERK of shopping at Target. And that my friends is their price match policy.

You can review it here, also located in the helpful link section of the blog

So let me break it down for you. A short while back Big Blue announced they will no longer be doing price matching in-store to other retailers, just to their own website and That my friend, is a huge set back in my eyes. However, if you want to call a representative to do a price match while shopping online, be my guest. That’s still a thing oddly enough… BUT, chances are, if I’m online shopping, I’m just going click over to the other stores website and order it directly from them.

We live in a new age people! Retailers should be doing everything possible to keep the guest coming back to the store. Blue just gave us all another reason to shop Red. In addition to also being able to stack a 5% RedCard savings and manufacturer coupons on top of the price match – all in-store at our fingertips….Just saying..



French Bulldog Lovers Unite!

Today’s Target find:  FRENCH BULLDOG THEMED STUFF. Running through my local Target, I came across this little assortment of French Bulldog products at Bullseye’s Playground. Let’s be honest, that little section at the front of the store really does have something for everyone, and in between holiday changes you can find some pretty awesome deals. All for 1, 3, or 5 dollars. The best gifts start at Target 🙂

Let’s start with this Totally Pawsome banner!


And then this Art pad (The Art Felt-Folio):


Followed by this assortment of stickers:


Oh and this totally rad Pencil/makeup Bag:


For the Valentine’s Lover in all of us (paired with some Frenchie washi tape):


For those of you that don’t mind NOT having a lifeproof case to protect your phone(IP7):


This super sweet charge pack:


And last but not least, the one I walked away with because it was just too cute not to buy…This small ceramic sculpture (WHICH IS ONLY $1):


And here’s a shot of my little girl because how can I not seize an opportunity to show her off?!




Well it’s almost here folks! With April 9th being just around the corner,  Target not only has released the commercial promoting the collaboration, but also the look book! (With what I’m assuming is the whole collection)

My first impression – definitely Beckham. A taste of high end fashion for us little people.  Spring patterns focused around a few floral prints,  a pop of Marigold, and some bees! 

I don’t foresee this collection doing much better than Merimekko did last year. Merimekko had an edge  up with it’s collection, as it also included beach/patio/decor items. 

The Press Release: Here.

The Commercial: Here.

***Take note of the song choice for the commercial!

Shop the collection: Here.

These are my favorite pieces, as well as their prices.  The best part is, they are pretty affordable, IMHO. They also will pair well with a more casual skinny jean look!🖒🤗😉

Beauty and the Beast @ Target

I know plenty of us are excited for the upcoming live action Beauty and the Beast movie on March 17th, but we are even more excited to relive the magic with our kids in tow! (It’s for them right?) Regardless, Target has a few Beauty pieces for your girls!

They have the Beauty and the Beast apparel collection for girls and toddlers. Can you say twinsies?! Inspired by Jaqueline Durran, these pieces will ignite the envy in you.

The Girls:

Then there is this gem! Probably my favorite piece from the whole collection!!


The Toddlers:

Also, don’t forget to pick up the Target exclusive Pop Figure, Belle! Target exclusives never last long- now is the time to get her!

Belle Pop Figure
Belle Pop Figure

Cat & Jack

Target really hit the ground running this year with their Cat & Jack launch. This by kids for kids brand really does allow kids to express themselves the way they want.
This brand was released just before the new school year and man was it a hit with kids and their parents! It boasted a one year guarantee, more durable fabrics, and reinforced elbows and knees!

It’s predecessors, Circo and Cherokee, had run their course and Target was definitely in need of a revamp of their kid’s apparel.

Target, staying in line with the by kids for kids ideology, have since launched Art Class. A new brand that I will highlight in a future post!

Oh Joy! Pet Collection

For all of you animal lovers out there that love pampering and spoiling your dog, all while doing it in style, boy have I got some news for you!

Target announced back in February how there will be an Oh Joy! collection for your little furbabies. Here’s the press release.

Here’s a few of my favorites from the collection!

Don’t forget to check out the other Oh Joy! collections that you might not see in stores!

Find them here!

#TargetStyle – Up and Coming!

Did you know that Target usually pairs with a new designer EVERY year? Last Year was Merimekko, and can I just say what a hit it was – especially when you are taking prints from the 70’s! Or the Lily Pulitzer fiasco? That was cray ladies.

Well this year Target has announced that this years Spring collaboration will be with none other than the fabulous VICTORIA BECKHAM!

#BeckhamForTarget #VictoriaBeckhamForTarget

Here’s a link to Target’s press release on the matter!

See Cosmo get excited here –

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